Clare Controls ClareOS CLIQ-OSM-10 Controller Module-All-in-One Controller

HD Furniture

  • $1,400.00

Single Unit With Built In I/O Ports
Features ClareBus Technology, Sharing Power, Data, Audio And Control Between CLIQ Stacked Modules
Auto-Discovery Eases Configuration As System Scales
ClareOS Preloaded
Provides All Device Management Services
Supports User Interface Services
The module sets a new entry point for complete Clare Controls home automation systems. The heart of the ClareOS Technology Ecosystem, the controller provides device management services to all the customers’ applications, mediates all user interface interactions and acts as the gateway to the ClareCloud for automatic system updates.

All-in-One Controller

Integrating a broad range of common interface elements into a single unit, the controller lowers overall system cost, simplifies project configuration and reduces the field tech’s time-to-install.

Scaleable via ClareBus

Larger projects can be accommodated by adding a CLIQ.connect module to the module — doubling the controller’s I/O. Using Clare’s patent pending ClareBus architecture, the auto-discovers the added CLIQ modules, enabling upward scalability with near-zero configuration. Up to 3 CLIQ.connect modules can be added to a module in a single stack.

Always Current, Always Running

Shipped preloaded with the Clare automation system, the controller is the in-home ‘brain’ of the automation solution. The controller receives automatic Silent Updates to ensure the product is always up to date with the latest features and fixes without requiring integrators to roll trucks, and without interrupting end user’s running applications