VUTEC 01SS054096 High-Definition 3D Ready Screen

VUTEC 01SS054096 High-Definition 3D Ready Screen

HD Furniture

  • $2,894.00

High gain (6.0)
Advanced 3D Performance
High contrast
Light control is not critical
Wide viewing area
Outstanding color reproduction: “No Color Shift”
Panels can be multiplexed for large presentations
Screen is fully assembled and shipped in wood crate
SilverStar™ is Vutec’s patented front projection screen that delivers the ultimate in picture quality. This award winning screen provides high brightness, vivid colors, high contrast, and a 180 degree viewing area, putting it in a class by itself as a truly revolutionary high-definition 3D ready screen.

SilverStar’s superior performance begins with it’s innovative, patented technology—a silver-based material combined with multiple optical layers to provide a gain of 6.0. This state-of-the-art technology increases color saturation while expanding contrast in either controlled or uncontrolled lighting environments.

SilverStar is custom made to order and can be multi-plexed for large theaters. With unsurpassed versatility, SilverStar is the screen of choice for home theater systems, retail displays, command and control, religious and educational venues.


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